Ottawa Spring Engagement Session: Krysten + Jon, Sneak Peek

Beaver-Pond-Engagement-Session-Ottawa-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyThere are a lot of factors that go into making an engagement session really great. The environment we are working in and the weather on the day are ones that jump quickly to my mind, and the light is pretty crucial of course, but the most important factor is the people. You could have the greatest location in the world, but if you fill it with the wrong couple, then the session goes downhill fast. Alternatively, you could have a so-so location, but if you get to work with great people, then the session can still be absolutely lovely! Luckily for me, I get to work with some of the very, very best people as part of my job. People like Krysten + Jon.

These two were a little nervous heading into their session, understandably so since, as like most of our couples, this was their first time in front of a professional lens together, but they did such an absolutely amazing job, if I do say so myself!

We hiked around Beaver Pond Trail for the better part of two hours finding some really great spots and tiny details and I realized just how perfect they are for our style. We chatted and joked around throughout the shoot, and even named some of the new geese friends we made (I must say that Geraldine the Goose behaved herself very nicely). And of course, any bride who shares my love of willow trees is already pretty great in my books (in fact, I may have sold Krysten on this location by highlighting the willow trees)!!

I am whipping through their photos pretty quickly so the full preview shouldn’t be very far off now, but in the meantime, I will just leave these little sneak peeks here for you all to enjoy.