Ottawa Winter Maternity Session at Experimental Greenhouses: Samantha + Connor

I think every single citizen of Ottawa and the area knows just how cold it can be here. And despite the few super random warmer days Mother Nature has thrown at us this winter season, that cold weather has definitely put a damper on outdoor activities — well at least for me it has. But I was more than happy to venture out into the cold to capture this beautiful maternity session for Samantha + Connor!

I know it seems odd to stand around without your winter coats on in such cold temperatures, but it really does make your photos that much nicer as it significantly reduces all that extra bulky gear! Especially if you are like me and don’t often wear your nice dress winter coats (because let’s be honest, they really aren’t that warm compared to sportier looking coats). And although Samantha + Connor may have been a little chilly while we walked around, thankfully our warm cars were never very far so we were all able to pop in and warm up a bit between locations. That mixed with their sheer determination to get through it all and my attempts to be as speedy as humanly possible, and we all managed to make it through the session without any frostbite, which is always a plus when it comes to winter outdoor sessions.

And of course, this entire session was made just that much better by being at one of my all-time favourite locations in the city. The ornamental gardens and the nearby experimental farm greenhouses are almost always on my list of recommended session locations because it is just so lovely all-year round. And in the winter it is especially handy for expectant mothers since the walkways are pretty well maintained – yay!

But honestly, I think these two would have rocked any location we had chose because they were just so wonderful in front of the camera. And a joy to spend a bit of the afternoon with on a chilly day.

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