White Lake Extended Family Session: The Kealeys + Charrons

The drive out to White Lake was seriously gorgeous! The majority of the leaves may have fallen off the trees already, but the area is absolutely stunning year round! And you know what was somehow even better than driving through the countryside on a Sunday afternoon? Getting to work with this amazing family again. And this time around there were even more of them as this was no ordinary family session, but instead an extended session for both sides of Mariah + Ben’s family.

There was a time when a session with this many people and family combinations would have stressed me right out. Especially since there was a young baby, child and multiple dogs to include in photos in a location that I had never seen before. But I was surprisingly at ease as we started. Perhaps it was because I have been lucky enough to work with Mariah + Ben so many times before now, including their wedding last year where I met and got to work with so many members of their family. So I pretty much knew that everyone was a fantastic human being and just generally wonderful to be around. And of course, Mariah and her boys are always rock stars in front of the lens, which makes my job pretty darn easy! Although I will note, posed family photos are a lot harder for kids than the more candid approach to lifestyle photos and we broke out all the tricks to keep big brother Bennet’s attention during his parts. We pressed the button (on my camera that is), asked him to hold a dog, got him to show us his big bro’ skills in keeping baby Milo happy, promised games and more games afterwards, and of course, we broke out my monkey puppet which is pretty much always a winner!

After we grabbed a few family photos of the various groups, we broke off and did some speed-lifestyle sessions for anyone who wanted them and this family showed that the photogenic trait is apparently genetic on both sides because they all did so freaking well! Side note: I freaking love Rufus! Not only does he obviously remind me of my own Aussie pup, but he was so energetic and fluffy and wonderful!

It truly was a lovely afternoon full of great people and so much laughter!! I don’t think I have laughed that much in a while during a photo shoot, so thank you so much Kealeys + Charrons for that!!

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