Ottawa In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Session: Archer

So, Mother Nature was kind of uncooperative for a couple weekends in October. Which of course meant we had to reschedule this session because of the rain. I think we were all a little nervous and worried that due to the delays we would miss the great fall colours, but luckily for all of us that definitely didn’t happen as their backyard was still stunning! Seriously, this place looked like it was plucked straight of a magazine! But what was even better than that was this adorable family, particularly sweet Little Archer!

I must admit, next to getting to meet this awesome little baby and his amazing parents, my favourite moments were definitely the one filled with their puppers Otis. I mean, he is just so darn fluffy! And since I got to their house a little early, like I pretty much always do, I got to play some games with him in the backyard while we waited for everyone to finish getting ready. He really was the goodest boy, and even though he was full to the brim with energy and excitement, he was still such a good listener during his human brother’s photo session.

But of course, the real star of the show was Archer. He was just the chillest, coolest baby in his Fall attire. And when he whipped that smile out, oh my goodness, it was true cuteness overload for sure! Seriously, sometimes I don’t know how I continue to take photos when there is just that much cuteness in front of my lens.

I am so glad I got to meet this amazing family and their sweet little boy, and even more glad that we got to do it all before the truly cold weather kicked in and their tree lost all of its leaves and beautiful fall features!

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